Thursday, August 18, 2011

Milkin' Cookies Review

This is a breastfeeding post so if you don't want to know anything else about breastfeeding, you may want to stop here. If you would like to know more about breastfeeding and cookies, keep reading!

A friend recommended Milkin' Cookies to me after I was telling her that I had started to pump in preparation for going back to work, but because Noah was the slowest eater alive, I wasn't producing as much as I thought I needed to get ready to leave him at day care. I was even pumping after we finished nursing in hopes to get more, but it was very little. So I started to panic (keep in mind, I'm sure he would have gotten plenty and I was probably panicking too soon), and wanted to see what I could do to pump more milk and get ready for leaving him all day.

When looking up what to eat to increase milk production there is a lot of talk of herbs and even prescriptions, but I didn't want to go to that extent, I just wanted to eat things that I may already be eating or should be, but didn't know. That's where Milkin' Cookies comes in. I thought it was worth a try since a 14 day supply (14 cookies) was only $20. I tried to search for reviews of them, but couldn't really find a lot of people who were talking about if they were successful or not so I gave it a shot.

I ordered the cookies and they were at my door 3 days later. Very fast!

I ordered the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. They came individually wrapped which was good, I have been able to throw them in my lunch bag on days I am trying to pack everything I need to take a 6-week-old out of the house (a surprisingly large amount of stuff!).

After buying Voortman Oatmeal Flax Seed Omega-3 cookies (why would anyone ever buy those?! I actually do like these cookies, but an Oatmeal Flax Seed Omega-3 cookie just sounds terrible!), I wasn't expecting these Milkin' Cookies to be much different. BUT, they are delicious! They taste homemade (which the website says they are made upon order) and taste amazing considering the healthier ingredients.

One downfall is that there are almost 200 calories per cookie... that is A LOT! The Voortman cookies only have around 100, which still is high, but has similar ingredients and is A LOT cheaper. $3 for 20 or so. They just don't taste quite as good.

So the real question is, do they help boost milk production? I think this is sort of a what came first the chicken or the egg question. Am I producing more milk today than I was before I started eating these cookies? Yes! About 5 or 6 ounces more per day. But, I've also been working at that by pumping an extra feeding per day and pumping longer than normal. So its very hard to tell if the reason is the cookies or the other factors.

I will most likely not order more of these cookies due to the high cost and calories and will instead stick to the Voortman brand along with other diet choices like oatmeal and higher protein meals. If once I run out of cookies my milk suddenly drops, I will be shocked, but will update the review and give all the credit to Milkin' Cookies... I have about 5 cookies left so we will see! :)


  1. Ive never heard of those. I would have so tried that. I've heard of oatmeal. I tried blessed thistle with gray. And I've also heard fenugreek works. But who knows. You're doing a great job! So glad to see you yesterday! Noah is precious. Daniel thinks he look like Ben. :)

  2. As the proud publicist for Milkin' Cookies and a mother of three I can certainly tell you that these are the BEST tasting milk producers on the market!

    As a fairly new brand you won't find as many articles on this brand just yet, but google them in a few weeks because many national magazine editors are writing up rave reviews as we speak!
    A-list celebs like Mariah Carey and Jessica Alba have Milkin' Cookies!

    You get what you pay for and as you mentioned, "a 14 day supply (14 cookies) was only $20"! That's pretty inexpensive for fresh, individually wrapped cookies! Not to mention how delicious they are!

    The proof is in the milk production and I love that you said, " Am I producing more milk today than I was before I started eating these cookies? Yes! About 5 or 6 ounces more per day."

    The two DOCTOR moms that whipped up these yummy cookies would like to offer you a free 14 day supply to keep that supply going! Very glad to hear it has worked for you as it has for many others!

    It's like a pair of shoes, but only more important since we are speaking of what's best for your baby, It's QUALITY vs. quantity!

    Milkin' Cookies delivers! Pun intended!

  3. I have 3 cookies left from a 14 day supply of Milkin' Cookies (the company claims they work upon eating one or two) and I have been steadily producing the EXACT SAME AMOUNT of milk as before.
    I was just looking for reviews to see if any women out there had the same (lack of) results. Or if there were women (who weren't representatives of the company) who had found success.
    When you went back to the Voortman's cookies did your production drop at all?
    Thanks for the post!

    1. Hey! my production did not drop at all stopping the cookies. After awhile I wasn't eating any cookies, but did take Fenugreek occasionally for 3 or 4 days every few weeks. I had to take 12 pills a day to see a difference in production at all though. At 6 months I dropped from pupping 6 times a day to 4 times a day and still produced the same give or take an ounce or two. From 6 - 9 months I really didn't see much difference in my pumping until I dropped a pump to wean. I made it to 9 months and finally stopped. If you are trying to increase I would make sure you are drinking a good amount of water, sleeping well and try Fenugreek every once in awhile. The cookies taste great, but very expensive.


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