Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Movie Review: Inception Spoiler Alert.... Kinda

Have ya'll seen this movie?! It is really good... I think?

I went to see this movie with my grandmother and mother which was very funny because the movie is VERY confusing. You have to really pay attention the whole time or you are gone. Well my 86 year-old-grandmother was lost the whole movie. She kept saying, "What on earth is going on?!" At the end she asked me if I understood it and I said I thought I did and her answer was, "I think they just wanted to advertise blowing things up..." HAH! Seriously, I don't know how she made it through the entire 3 hours!

Now to the actual movie: I don't think I could spoil this movie if I tried.... I'm not even sure I understand it....! Maybe that was a spoiler in itself?

It was a great movie that I definitely need to see again.

I absolutely love Juno in the movie... I know that isn't her real name, but she was so cute in that movie!

Now to the actual SPOILER that I need help with because I'm very confused!

My brother added something when I got home to what I thought happened in the movie... He said he thinks that Cobb's dad planted the idea of 'Inception' into Cobb's mind so he could get back to his kids. This is so confusing to even think about because, was Juno actually Cobb's dad in disguise? Or what about he was still in limbo the whole time??? I have no idea....

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