Monday, August 2, 2010

What we've been up to

I haven't gotten on my computer too much in the past couple weeks and had way too many pictures to download. This weekend was crazy busy... Friday I was off work, but took my nephew to the local water park all day. That night we went and saw a comedian at the Comedy Club.... Here is his picture... do you know who this is? I can't remember his name....

He wasn't very funny either. The opening act, Matt Mitchell, was MUCH funnier. He could have headlined the show very easily.

Saturday we went to the river again... with the dogs!
Saturday night we celebrated my brother and Ben's birthdays where I ended up being my intoxicated brother's babysitter and driver...

...not a job one willingly signs up for.
Thankfully we all made it back home safe and sound!

Sunday was my new sister-in-law's bridal tea:
Ava's all grown up on her cell phone.My brother and Emily have done things a little backwards and got married first, but the actual wedding is two weeks away. Things are VERY busy!!

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