Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A new school year!

First day for students was today. I'm very thankful to trade in my previous first days of school in which I was paying tuition, for this one!

Today was rather uneventful, and from what I've been told, is amazing! There were no hysterical 6th graders sad to leave their cozy elementary schools to move to the big scary, class-changing middle school. There were no fights and not much of anything besides some lost students and a lot of 'I don't remember my locker combination's.

It was fun though! And all went well :) I was also told that days like this are few and far between. I'm sure once I actually learn all the ins and outs of the school things won't be as quiet.

I'm ready for day #2!!!


  1. Congratulations on a successful first day of school!

  2. Very cool!! Hope all of your days go this well! :)


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