Monday, August 9, 2010


I have finally and officially GRADUATED!

Saturday was my 'diploma date' although that didn't mean too much except that I now wait to hear from school to find out when they will post my degree. You'd think they'd do it on the diploma date, but nope. There was no summer commencement ceremony either which I was very disappointed about, but we had a small get together that made up for it!

One of my very best friends came in town from Dothan for the celebration and I was SO glad to see her!! As well as several friends that I have not had enough time to hang out with in the past year.... seriously or longer than a year. It was a wonderful night!

That is Emily on the left. There were actually about 20 or so people that came out to dinner, so it was a lot of fun! Ben even surprised me with an Edgar's cake.... you know the ones I may have mentioned a few times before that are AMAZING and so terribly addicting!

So after I ate a bit of the leftover cake today I did my very first P90x workout DVD! I gained 10lbs during my job search and have been searching for a gym since I got my new job a several weeks ago. I have not found one that is a.) affordable b.) has fitness classes around 3 or 4pm and c.) doesn't require a contract. I realize I'm picky, but come on! Those three things aren't that difficult.

I have been thinking of getting a DVD system instead that I can do at home. I mentioned that to one of the teachers at school Thursday and on Friday he showed up with the whole set of p90x DVDs for me to borrow! YAY! This is also a good thing because I feel rather obligated to use them since he is lending them to me. He'll probably ask me about them at school and I can't say, 'Well... I'm just too lazy..." so tonight I put in the 'chest and back' dvd and let me tell you.... my arms and shoulder are killing me..... which scares me a little because there actually is a dvd for arms and shoulders. So what the heck was I doing?! ha!

Anyways, back to graduation. Woo!! Next step is to get my official paperwork to the state, my transcripts to my school system and then I can be officially hired and paid as a counselor!!!! I will begin calling the university tomorrow and harassing them about posting my degree. Squeaky wheel gets the grease right?


  1. Woohoo! Congrats on completing your masters degree! I will graduate in May with my undergrad and I am really contemplating if I want to just start my masters in the summer. Where I am graduating from it is only a year program.

  2. OK, A.) I am so excited/proud/giddy for you it isn't even funny!

    and B.) I'm all for the video workouts... I hate going to a gym!

  3. I made it to the blog!! :)
    We had a great time! I'm glad I could celebrate with you! I'll have to work with Ben though on the surprise part. haha.


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