Saturday, August 21, 2010

The quiet life

I would love to have a very interesting life with a ton going on to tell you about, but it has been very quiet....consisting of work (which I totally and utterly love) and driving... a lot! Driving between two cities to continue this paperwork process of becoming an ALC (Associate Licensed Counselor) so I can start counting all these hours, I'm already counseling, towards getting my license, and attempting to get my certification from the state so I can get PAID! :) I pray that will happen this week. There is a board meeting this Monday and next Monday, so it would be REALLY wonderful to be approved this month and not have to wait until the September meetings. PRAYERS please!

Work is really good though. I am overwhelmed, of course!! There is so much I need to do and know and learn, but I'll get there. God is walking me there, I know.

I feel like I haven't really updated about the diet in a long time. Remember when I was trying anything and everything to clear my skin up after we got off all meds? Well, turns out after 5 months of eliminating and reintroducing all kinds of crazy things, Diet Coke was my culprit. I have been completely off anything containing Aspartame since May (with a few bumps in the road) and turns out, as long as I stay 10 feet away from the stuff, my skin stays pretty clear. This has been difficult because I was a big fan of 'sugar-free' products and it seems they all contain this stuff!

This has cleared up the 'allergic reaction' that was the most troubling part of my skin. I've also stuck with Dove Heat Therapy shampoo and conditioner all summer and 95% of my breakouts are gone! (I still have to use Clindamycin and Salic Acid face wash, but at least things are controlled with just those two items which my doctors are in disagreement about using while pregnant, what do you think?).

We are still baby-free, but I am praying things change soon.

I have also continued my exercising! I ran 8.5 minutes of my 35 minutes on the treadmill Friday! I told Ben my goal was to at least increase my running during my exercise each time I go, even if its just by 1%. I've never been a runner, so I'm pleased with it... maybe I'll even be able to run a whole mile one day!! :)

This week is an exciting week: doctor appointment, a speaker coming to talk to our students, my grandmother is coming into town and little Ava turns 1 year old!

Happy Birthday Ava!


  1. That is amazing that aspartame was the culprit! i have heard so much bad about the stuff, though i do have it, i don't have it TOO much. Anyway, i'm glad you figured it out! & glad you're loving your job!

  2. Sometimes quiet is good! And the more and more I learn about health and nutrition, most of the time when you think something is healthy (low fat, low calories, low sugar - you get the point!) there is something in there that is man made that just isn't so hot for you. My nutritionist was telling me I shouldn't eat any of the alternatives if I can help it, because alternatives are actually less healthy than the real thing.

    Who knew?!? So glad your skin has cleared up!!


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