Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am excited today! One day until the weekend and it was a very good day at school.

I joined a gym too! Listen... p90x is just not for me. Not for me full time at least. Its just SO repetitive and boring! I need movement, music, dancing.... something! I don't mind the muscle workout, but the cardio was painfully boring. So I joined the parks and recreation system near my school which happens to have some cardio rooms at 5 facilities around town. Not the ideal gym, but can you pass up $100/year?! Nope! Now lets see if I can keep my mouth shut long enough to lose these 10 pounds.

Its amazing that I can gain 10lbs in a few weeks and it will now take me 1 year to lose it.

I'm hoping that if we do in fact get pregnant I will be healthy and that means I need to start doing some sort of cardio everyday. I love to walk, but when its 105 degrees outside, I'd really just rather lay on the couch.

I'm also excited because I went into a classroom today and a student asked me if I could just stay in there and talk to them the whole class! Hah! I need some confidence boosters every now and then. :) I really can't wait to get into the classrooms, but I still have to figure the teachers out. I need to develop that fine line of figuring out when I'm welcome and when is not a good time for them, but everyone is different! We'll get there!

Another exciting thing: this weekend is my little brother's wedding, which should be a lot of fun! I am really looking forward to it. My grandmother and aunt are coming in from Florida & California and one or two other family members that I'll be glad to visit with. I hope my brother has a good time, it is the first big thing he's been to in a long time, especially since he just got back from 6 months of basic & training! I feel bad for him that most of our family is not coming up (My dad has 7 brothers/sisters and my mom has 6), but he isn't super close with them either. I just hope he doesn't get his feelings hurt (which I'm sure if he did, he'd never say anything). He deserves the best... he did sign up to fight for our country after all and he is just such a good person. (A little lost once in awhile, but has a tremendous heart!)

The one thing I am not thrilled about this weekend: wearing the bridesmaid dress! I usually don't gripe about them, because I love dresses..... but this one looks AWFUL. It hits at that awkward not-long/not-short length where not enough leg, but too much foot is showing.... Yikes. Don't worry, I will be sure to bring you pictures!


  1. I'm going to need photos of this awkward dress! ;)

  2. You sound so happy!!! Glad work is going well. I definitely want to see pics of the wedding! I'm sure you'll look gorgeous no matter what the dress looks like!


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