Sunday, January 9, 2011

Movie Review and Snow Predictions

I went to the movies today and saw Country Strong. In the middle of the movie I unknowingly got 5 texts and several missed calls from Ben telling me that the 'heavy snow' we were predicting had arrived earlier than expected as sleet and icy roads. Great! I looked at my phone when the movie was over seeing all of them and nearly freaked out.

I quickly left the theater after the movie was over and walked to my car in a VERY icy parking deck. On the way home, I saw 8 accidents, including one that involved 8 or 9 vehicles right before my exit. Police hadn't arrived yet and the cars were all over the interstate. It was around accident # 3 though that I started to freak out as my windshield and wipers were solid ice. We aren't prepared or used to driving in snow and ice here and there is no salt on the roads. I thankfully made it safely home though and am now praying to not lose power!

The national championship is tomorrow and I feel terrible for anyone who thought they were flying out in the morning for Arizona. Ben has made sure that we have a generator ready to turn the tv on (and hopefully one space heater?) so we will not miss Auburn hopefully winning the national championship!

On to the movie review:

We saw Country Strong today and it was VERY good. Gwyneth Paltrow was excellent as her character, Kelly Canter, a country-music star trying to make a comeback after getting out of rehab. I got a feeling that she should probably win an award (if she hadn't already) for her performance. The movie itself was great, but I don't know if it was award worthy. I loved the music though, and wish I could download the album on iTunes right now! Another great actor was Garrett Hedlund, have you guys ever heard of him? He's super cute, and I really liked him in the movie, but had NO clue who he was. On the album in iTunes he only sings one of his songs, but it really sounded like he sang all of them in the movie. Gwyneth sang a ton of songs that were very good too. She's not typically one of my favorite actresses, but I thought she did a fantastic job in this movie.

She said that for inspiration she modeled her character after Faith Hill and Courtney Love and drank for days on end to really get in the mode of who she was playing. Can you imagine hearing that to play a super drunk actress someone spent a lot of time practicing to be like you (if you were Courtney Love)? Man, I'd feel awful about myself.

Bottom line - if you can tolerate country music for a few hours, definitely go see the movie!

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