Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ben came home with a surprise today...

Yes, you see that right... a cat!!

We lost Rabies several months ago, I don't remember if I told you or not, but I was devastated. Rabies was our accidental cat. She was skwaling on the street one day so bad I didn't even know it was a cat making that awful racket. I looked down and it was a teeny kitty, so I fed her and she never left, for 3 years. Then one day she was gone :(. I don't know what happened to her, but I posted signs everywhere and looked and looked and never found her. Here she is (looking a little alarmed):

After that I told Ben I didn't want ANY more cats. I'm very allergic to them, so they have to live outside and/or in the garage. (We had a kitty-door and a big stand, fluffy bed, etc. - so its not like Rabies was in need of anything, but still.) I don't like animals that HAVE to live outside. It just makes me sad... you may disagree.

Well the other day Ben found a cat in our shed, trying to stay warm and when he opened the door, it ran off. He came in and told me he found me a cat!!! I told him again, I don't want another cat Ben.

Today, what does he bring me home? A CAT! A declawed cat at that! One that has always been an inside cat. You can't make an inside, declawed cat an outside, mole hunting cat (like Rabies)... it just won't survive. So we let him loose in the garage to feed him and he immediatley jumped up under my car into the undercarriage (isn't that what you call that area?) and now he won't come out.

What on earth am I going to do with this cat?! He 100% cannot live outside and survive, and if he lives inside, I will not survive.

Can you please take this poor thing off my hands???

His name is Ollie. And that is the extent of knowledge I have about him, aside from the fact that his owner had to suddenly be taken to a nursing home and Ollie couldn't go. So now Ollie is in a strange garage, under a strange car, with no litter box. He's begging you to come get him!

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