Monday, January 17, 2011

Dads in America - vent

Something has been getting to me lately. It is tv and commercials that dumb down men, make them look like incompetent idiots who can't manage to connect to the internet, cook something in the microwave, wash their clothes, feed/change a baby.... etc.

One example that comes on all the time is a comcast commercial where the dad is looking for the cord to plug his computer into the internet. He is just flabbergasted that he can't find his cord and wants to use his daughter's. When his wife tries to explain how she got wireless internet, he is still perplexed, causing his daughter to say, "Dad, the cord is invisible" like tricking him will take care of this pesky situation and he will just stop asking questions. That is the way I treat my dog!

I cannot stand the sitcoms and commercials that do this! And then we wonder why more of our men aren't in a place to lead our homes and country in the right direction (although there are plenty of men, and women, SERVING our country and I commend every single one of them). I think about what a different place we may live in if we lifted up our men and stopped dumbing them down and rendering them incapable. What does that teach our boys?!

Granted the media portrays the wrong thing in just about every issue.... but still this one has really bugged me lately.

I believe that husbands are called to be our spiritual leaders, leaders in our homes and lives, to be A LOT more than just an idiot that lives in our house who gets in the way and breaks things. I know so many men that are brilliant and wonderful fathers, really great men that live with faith, but I rarely see that portrayed anywhere in the media. Think about it... how many shows do you know that play off a complete idiot for a dad, about how useless he is?


  1. I agree. I think television is ruining the idea of marriage, in general. While every relationship is different and people solve problems in different ways, the current American fascination on breaking up relationships, putting them back together, and them creating more abnormal drama makes it hard to find that couple that you strive to be more like.
    Take for example "7th Heaven". While they weren't perfect, you still saw the idea of a husband and wife that were working through the problems life throws at them. Now, you have shows like "Gray's Anatomy", "Desperate Housewives", and others that make cheating appear to be expected, divorces and break-ups normal, and other bad things.
    We need more role models, and less train wrecks in my opinion.


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