Monday, January 3, 2011

The TV is pushing me back to work

Today is my last day off work and I've spent this morning getting dressed for the day watching 'Saved by the Bell' & 'Say Yes to the Dress'. Well, here is what else I've seen besides Zack and wedding dresses:

and this one:

Now, I love babies and kids. Hope to have them soon. But these two commercials make me want to scream. First of all, the heavy doody one is just disgusting and potty dance... super annoying and its not like the child who may think that commercial is fun is the one to say, "Oooh mommy, buy THOSE diapers! I only want to wear huggies!!" Uh... no.

Anyways, I think these two commercials have made me VERY thankful that I do not just sit on my couch all day and watch TV. Definitely time to go back to work tomorrow! I'm nervous for what the new semester and year will hold, but if I just watch those two commercials again, I may even go into work today! Ha, just kidding.... but I may go to publix. Or finally put away my Christmas decorations (it's only January 3!).


  1. I was thinking about you today. About the first comment I ever got from someone who wasn't related to me in some way! Thinking of you lady, and hoping that life is totally treating you well! :)

  2. I love both commercials. I saw the Luv's one for the first time about a week ago with some friends of mine who are pregnant and I just laughed. That is so going to happen with their little boy!


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