Monday, January 10, 2011

War Eagle Snow Day!!

We have yet another day off here from Winter Storm 2011, one that I really needed to be working. I had so much to do before meetings tomorrow, Wednesday's advisory activities and guidance classes, its not even funny. But at the same time, I woke up so sick today that maybe it was God's way of giving me a sick day without having to actually take one. (I will need every single one of my days off come July & August that I can't risk using one now.) It may just be an overload of progesterone, but my throat is killing me and I've eaten my very last cough drop.... unfortunately the entire state of Alabama is shut down, so I can't go out and get anything. I'm not sure how healthy eating 24 popsicles in 24 hours will be, but I think its my only option! :)

I can't do a thing about anything stuck in the house though, so I'll be trying to enjoy my day off, watching more Say Yes to the Dress and hoping not to see too many horrible diaper commercials while Ben is playing out in the 'snow'. He so needs kids to play with.

It is pretty weird to be completely shut down here in Alabama though. Nearly every county has closed all roads, the interstates are closed and most places aren't expected to see above freezing, so I have no idea what tomorrow will hold. Some places have up to 10 inches of snow! But what do we have?


and more ice.... literally like snow-cone ice.... maybe I should be eating that?!
None the less, the day is finally here! BCS National Championship game! It makes me so nervous that I wish I could fast forward and just know the ending (the same way I love to know movie endings). But here we go... Good Luck Auburn & WAR EAGLE!!!!

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  1. I'm totally jealous of the snow days... we just don't get those up here very often.

    As far as feeling a little icky - progesterone could definitely have an effect on your immunity. Hopefully it will all be worth it here soon though friend! :)


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