Friday, December 18, 2009

5 Question Friday

My Little Life

"Questions for Friday, December 18th: (Thanks to Kyrsten, Liz, Brianne, and Keely for their question suggestions!! Wanna be linked on a future 5QF? Offer up some questions on the thread in my community!)"

1. Which boygroup did you like most in your teens?

Funny question, I just posted a video of them a few days ago. Go visit here. It was probably a rivalry b/w them and Backstreet Boys.

2. Do you do Christmas cards, letters, photos, nuthin', all of the above?

We have sent out Christmas cards for 2 years now of our wonderful selves and our two pups. I LOVE photo cards. Here is this year's picture we put on the card (that is Ben's 1949 Chevy that he and his dad rebuilt. It was his dad's main means of transportation in the 70's):

3. If you could meet one celebrity who would it be and why?

I'm not a very good celebrity-meeter. I act like an idiot, stutter and turn bright red. BUT, if I could control myself like a normal person I'd love to meet.....(thinking long and hard about this one)......Dolly Parton.

Seriously. She just seems so nice and fun!!

4. Favorite thing to cook with (i.e. stainless, non-stick, Dutch oven, microwave, debit card...or, perhaps, a cauldron, etc.)?

We cook nearly every night at home. We're a stove-top/oven-using family mostly. I just got a set of American Cookware. They are based out of Birmingham and I'd put the link up, but when I clicked on it, my anti-virus popped up saying it was a potential virus????? Anyways... its the stainless steel, waterless cooking stuff. Very easy to clean and you supposedly don't need to use anything other than the meat's own juices (that grosses me out to type) to cook with. Its a nice set. My mom has had them for at least 15 years and still using them. I also love all the new steam packages that frozen veggies come in too.

5. What is the one thing you wear the most, besides your unmentionables?

Clothing? My black pants from New York & Co. They are my favorite... and cheap!

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  1. Look at you...blogging...I had no idea. But now that I do, I will add you to my list of blogs to stalk! LOL BTW...LOVED the christmas card (thank you)! Awesome picture and is now on our refrig, so I can look at your pretty face whenever I am missing you, which I am currently. Also love the name of the are so cute! Oh and I would like to meet Dolly Parton too! I grew up with my dad listening to her. Hope to see you sooner rather than later!


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