Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Its removable.

At Amber's surprise party, my friend Beth and I were in the restroom washing our hands when Beth says, "Your hair looks fabulous tonight!" I was a little shocked.

I then proceeded to take my hair off and hand it to her. Her eyes started to water a little and her mouth dropped to the floor. Yes.... my hair was bought at a kiosk at the mall.

Here she is after making me take it off for our table. I bought this hair piece 3 years ago as a backup for Ben and I's wedding day. My hair stylist was not worth a fourth of what she charged and couldn't get my hair up to do anything. So I went to the oriental lady at the mall and bought a hair piece that matches my hair color perfectly! I actually don't wear it too often unless my hair is a disaster and needs to look decent in about .5 seconds.

1 comment:

  1. hahahahahaha.... i can't believe you're wearing fake hair! :)


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