Sunday, December 27, 2009

Getting to Know YOU Sunday

Keely at Mann Land 5 is hosting a blog carnival today!
Today's question is:
What was your favorite gift you received for Christmas??

RED FIESTAWARE! See the struggles of picking a color over here.
Well, I finally made a decision (with the help of many people) and I love it.

I only have the dinner plates right now and thought I was getting the salad plates too, but my mom ordered these square-bottom bowls instead.But, they don't stack up together! With my itty-bitty kitchen, I just don't have enough cabinet space to have 8 to 10 bowls lined up side-by-side in the cabinet. So those went back and I think she's ordered these 'Fiestaware small bowls' instead, which are super cute.I went to Macy' to find you guys some pictures and guess what, Fiestaware is buy one get one free! Guess that means I'll have to scrape together some after-Christmas cash to get a plate or two. :)


  1. No way! Fiestaware is buy one get one free at Macy's right now?

    I want one of each color..but we just need plates and salad plates..

    What a great present!!


  2. What great presents! I really like the Fiestaware. Lucky you :o)

  3. I love fiestaware! And the red is awesome. I love the salad bowls, they are super cute.

  4. My dad and his wife were on vacation earlier this year and they visited the Homer Laughlin plant. They just happened to go on a Monday and they were having a HUGE 50 CENTS PER PIECE sale on Fiesta. He couldn't believe it. Everything was in huge plastic crates outside and you just walked the aisles and picked out what you wanted.

    The lady there said it was the first and last time they were going to do that type of sale. Wish I'd been there! He brought me back 2 boxes of unique pieces I didn't have. That is heavy stuff!


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