Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday's List - TV!

Could I be a better blogger this week?! I think not.

Okay, so I haven't particpated in Love from Texas' Tuesday's Lists yet but because today is all about TV shows, I couldn't resist. I like to pretend that I am not a tv-aholic (I should do a whole month of 'Not Me Mondays' on this topic). I like to pretend that I am out working out, reading books, cleaning the house, studying.... instead of sitting on the couch staring open-mouthed at the tv. Well, lets list those shows now! In no particular order (because its pretty much a 19-way tie...yes, there are 19 shows currently being recorded on my dvr, its a wonder i have time to go to work).

Okay, I lied.... LOST wins # 1. It is definitely the best show hands down I've ever watched. (Oh how I miss Charlie....)

Grey's Anatomy and all its is-she-gay-is-she-straight-married-not married-killing-saving-patient-post it-goodness.

Oooooh.... BIGGEST LOSER! Look at this picture and tell me you don't love this show too?! I am a sucker for any before/after pictures: weight loss, makeovers, sinks, food, plastic surgery, houses....

Glee (Because I secretly wish I was back in high school singing the theme song to Gilligan's Island on stage again).

Tell me you aren't interested in people who keep so much crap that they almost lose their home. You could be interested because its sad, because you want to help, because you are glad its not you, because you like watching train wrecks, or because its amazing that people like this really exist, but admit it... you are interested. Personally, I want to be their counselor, they fascinate me and make me sad at the same time. I want to help them know why they feel the need to never clean, never throw away and compulsively pick up trash off the street.... could there be a bigger scream for help? (I also think its amazing that someone can be a Certified Professional Organizer specializing in Chronic Disorganization - where were those people on career day?!)

There are a 'few' more, but I'll leave you guessing.

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  1. You are being the best blogger this week! I love it!! I like the show Hoarders too...so interesting!


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