Monday, December 7, 2009

Know when to ask for help.

Today I went Christmas shopping, and accidentally bought myself a Christmas present. Of course I only bought it because I will be able to make super cute cookies and pretty little tins full of them for Christmas gifts....of course! This one to be exact. And let me just tell you.... my cookies look NOTHING like those above. See exhibit A (Side view was a little more forgiving):

In fact, not only do they not look like that, but I'm sure they don't taste like those either. They are kinda crumbly, kinda salty, and kinda just plain bad. My husband (who typically has no problem eating 5 cupcakes at a time or a pan of brownies) ate half..... HALF of one. Then he asked it that was what they were supposed to taste like. HAH! crap....

So all you blog readers. How do I make these cookies beautiful AND not so gross?


  1. I just laughed out loud when I read this! I hate to tell you but I used to have one of these but I gave it away cause my cookies were always ugly! Maybe if you practice more you will get better??

  2. You need to use a really really stiff dough in these. I have an "antique" one and seriously, use a dough that will break your spoon if you want them to turn out like the pictures. If the dough "spreads" at all in the oven (doughs with butter in them usually do) then they end up looking like crap.

    Try this recipe:


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