Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 years ago

Someone's facebook status got me thinking about 10 years ago, because I am seriously in shock that it has been a decade already.

So 10 years ago... was Y2K if I am thinking right, right? Because wow.... that one didn't turn out as expected. So, 10 years ago, I was at my mom's house, because she wouldn't let me go out in the event of Y2K. However, my brothers AND my parents were not home, they were out. (we have a lot of double standards.) I was with my best friend, her boyfriend and mine.... 3 people that today I do not speak to any more, at all. Weird the way things end up.

10 years ago, I was 16. I was a junior in high school.

10 years ago I drove a gold 4-door Saturn and loved it!

10 years ago, I thought I was fat. (I'd love to be that size now!)

10 years ago I had a bunny, named Baby.

Anyways, what were you doing 10 years ago??

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  1. I love it! I was 16, driving a White Ford Tempo (which eventually actually exploded... as in, fire coming out from under the hood while I was driving exploded. Thanks a lot dad for making me get the "cheap" and "frugal" car. I then bought a brand new Honda Civic, and have never bought used since. I don't think my poor dad got his point across!), and was at a friends house for a big party (her birthday is Dec. 31, so the party was always at her place), sneaking shots out of her moms Goldschlagger out of the cabinet, and hoping the boy I had a crush on would kiss me (he didn't... his loss, I saw him recently and he's gotten fat... at least, fatter than I've gotten!) My friends brother turned the power off right at midnight, and all 30 of us (slightly sloppy/tipsy) high school students actually thought the world had ended for a moment. :) OK, that was fun...


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