Friday, January 1, 2010


One of my favorite things to do is our taxes. I should say, USED to be my favorite things. I loved it because we always got money back, so I was very eager to get them done and get our money back! This year as normal, I've read about the taxes.... researched the taxes.... kept very good track of our finances ALL. YEAR. LONG. And I couldn't help myself. I filled in as much tax information that I have, and estimated the rest on Turbo Tax and it says, WE OWE MONEY! (GASP!) Surely its wrong....

However, if you read one of my very first blogs, it was about the money Obama put back into our paychecks from the stimulus package (I was convinced we'd OWE money because of all the money that wasn't being withheld), I think I may have been right and I'm super disappointed. Gah...

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  1. owing money during tax time, there is nothing worse. i am too scared to start calculating mine. wish me luck.


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