Saturday, March 13, 2010

Food for Thought


Ben came home telling me about this presentation he saw and how it was crazy the amount that we, as Americans, used to spend on good, nutritious food and how little we spent on health care. It seems that it has completely flipped in recent years though, and it makes sense that there is a direct correlation of course. The more pennies we spend on twinkies and potato chips, the more we'll have to spend in healthcare for our heart attacks & high blood pressure.

I always think it is very interesting when Dr. Huizenga on The Biggest Loser tells each contestant how much money they will spend/save on healthcare at their current weight or after they lose weight. Its in the millions! Now, we know each person won't likely directly be spending it, but the rest of us will pay for it in healthcare premiums and price hikes, but still... we could all save so much money if we'd just eat better!!!

Between this and Dave Ramsey's bible studies, I have upped our budget allotment for groceries each month (I HAD to on this new lifestyle). I have really been eating a TON of salads, but I notice that if the lettuce is in there, Ben will eat a salad every day too. If there are nectarines, he'll take one over a bag of chips. Chips are usually much cheaper, especially with my coupons, but maybe the nectarine will save us from diabetes later! :)

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