Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Life is back in full swing!

Internship, Class, Filthy House, Laundry piled to the ceiling....check!!

I have done something to my back though and it is killing me! I've never had back problems, but I am a self-diagnosed horrible sleeper. Seriously, I need some directions on how to sleep peacefully, because it just doesn't come naturally like you'd think it should. Well as of this weekend, I had that feeling in my back that I really needed it to crack. I came home Sunday and begged Ben to pop my back (very good for me I'm sure) and it didn't go away. It has since gotten worse. So I'm sucking up some of my $350 major medical deductible (good excuse to go and have a few other things done while I'm at it) and going to a chiropractor tomorrow! First chiropractic experience. I have to say, I'm rather excited. Maybe he'll teach me how to sleep :)

While we're talking about exciting wonderful things. I left my cell phone at home today and around 2pm it dawned on me that it was on the reach of my Sierra dog:
It is now in pieces.... unanswerable.

Sierra is a rather tricky little thing. She is very mild, timid, won't even take a toy from you. BUT... leave her alone with an electronic device... its over. TV remotes, cell phones, cameras... apparently she has expensive taste and $1 walmart chew toys just don't cut it.

This could be the push I needed to just give in and get an iphone, but I'm still 3 WHOLE long months away from my contract allowing me to buy one at a decent price! GAH! So back to Ben's old flip phone from 2006. I am extremely thankful I have that option though. I may have actually been upset about it if I didn't have other options. :)

But really, things are wonderful. The weather is 75 and sunny, which just makes life better all around. How can you complain on days like today? You guys in Florida, must be some seriously happy people.


  1. Just 3 months and you can get an iphone- your life will never be the same again!

  2. Come see this PT for your back problem. I'm not a huge fan of's very hard to find someone competent and they usually don't do anything to help you but briefly and then you have to keep going back. Hope you feel better!

  3. I'm with you on the iPhone. I've got 3 months, too! Let's count down together. I can't waaaaaiiiiit!


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