Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update from Boot Camp

My parents received a 3-page letter from the little brother in boot camp! 3 pages is A LOT to for him.

My mom called me and read it to me and just a few updates:

It is getting warmer in Columbus, Ga., so he's not as miserably cold. (He has said that they do not turn the heat on in any of the buildings and its been VERY cold lately).

He hasn't 'tasted' food since January because he has 2 minutes to eat. He gets pizza on Sunday! Hah! He said he doesn't know why they are getting pizza, but he's not questioning it. :)

And, my favorite part: He said to tell me he has been going to church every Sunday, sometimes twice on Sundays because it is his free day, and he was getting baptized this past Sunday!!!

I'm thrilled for him and have been praying my heart out for him. I have sent him several scriptures that I thought were very fitting for his situation to hopefully give him some hope and motivation to get through this very tough time. If you have any other ones that you love and would like to share, PLEASE send!

Please keep the prayers going his way!!

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