Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome Spring

I'm home!!

The beach was VERY fun! It was a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party for my college roommate Beth and her soon-to-be, Scott. 22 people slept in a house that normally held 16!!!! There were 7 people in my room alone. Tight squeeze!

We had the right side of this house and it was wonderful that the left side was tied up in a foreclosure, because I'm pretty sure they would NOT have been happy to have our group as neighbors. Thank goodness for ear-plugs!!!

It wasn't quite as warm as we hoped, but we played a lot of frisbee and botchiball.

and Jenga!
This picture is hilarious.... Look at Heather and Ashley's faces!

I ate crab claws and WAY too much junk food.
I think I came home w/ almost as much food as I took. Not a good sign.

Some people drank too much ^.

And then their wife may or may not have gotten his car stuck in the sand and left the window down over night with 30 mph winds and rain. That could have happened.

It was VERY windy Saturday and Sunday.

It was so much fun and sweet Beth and Scott are getting married this Saturday! I am very excited for them. They are one of those couples that when we found out they were dating a few years back, it was like, "Why haven't ya'll done this sooner?!" They are just perfect for each other in every way. They make sense.

But, now that life is back in full-swing: This is my first week interning full-time and it includes testing (where everyone and everything is chaotic) and hopefully 4 small counseling groups for K-2nd graders. I am not looking forward to driving back to class though this week. I am not working in downtown Birmingham anymore, so it means I'll be interning 20 minutes west of me and then driving an hour east to school twice a week.

Last week was so nice that I almost forgot that going back to internship meant going back to class too!!! I'm VERY ready for class to be over. 5 weeks left! I think I will really appreciate my first semester without class come August.

Let's just pray I'll be too occupied with a new job to notice ;)


  1. OK, I am so jealous! That just looks like such a blast!

  2. Sounds like a fun time!!! Love the Jenga pic! HAHAHA!


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