Thursday, March 11, 2010


This day went by way too fast.

It was wonderful. They threw me a going-away party and all their wives and kids came and even their parents (it is 4 brothers). I went off my diet beyond belief because we all ate lunch together. I was able to see a few of my favorite contractors and tell them how much I appreciate and will miss them.

But, as I'm sitting at the office right now after everyone has gone, waiting to go to class, knowing this is my last time to literally be sitting here in 'my' office. (It really hasn't been only mine for awhile now as I was training an incredible person to take my place, but for a long time it was just mine.)

I'm sad.

Actually I'm pretty heart broken to leave.

I've cried a lot today and everyone has said, "You'll be back", "You can come and visit", etc. etc, and I know I will. I know I will come visit and I do have to come back for a day or afternoon in April to help out with taxes, but still. Its not the same. I won't see these people every single day anymore. I won't know everything about them anymore. In fact, a lot of stuff will happen and change and I won't be a part of it and that just makes me very sad.

Change is so hard.

You know how they say 'work-husbands' & 'work-wives'? Well these guys were my work family. I have spent more time with the 5 of them than I have my actual family for years and its really hard walking away from that.

Anyways... I know it will be fine and that there is a reason that I am leaving, but I'm still very upset and heartbroken over leaving.

I'm going to miss this.

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  1. Change is SO hard lady, but this change is for the greater good. I am so excited for you and all you have coming up!


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