Monday, March 1, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

I saw on the news last night that only 33% of 16-year-olds are getting their license at 16. It said this was down from 44% in 1988. Well, somewhere between 1988 and now I'm pretty sure (maybe say about 10 years ago) that number must have been 99.9% because I only knew two people in my class that did not get their license the DAY they turned 16.

Can you imagine?!

2 years before I turned 15 I started planning to get my permit, which was just a must so I could finally DRIVE!

I'd even carry my parent's car keys around when we went to the grocery store, you know, so all those hot grocery boys would think I could drive. I was so cool.

Well, 15 was the slowest year of my life because all I wanted to do was drive. The DAY I turned 16 I think I woke my parents up at 4am like it was Christmas morning, telling them we had to hurry and get in line at the DMV. We drove all the way up there only to read a sign on the door that said, "Closed for Confederate Memorial Day."

Do you think I'm kidding?

I'm not.

Confederate Memorial Day definitely shuts down the banks and state offices here in Alabama.

This year it is April 26. My birthday is April 27, so somehow it fell on my birthday or the first business day after my birthday 10 years ago.

Talk about disappointment.

So my question to you is, did you wait to get your license? and why? or were you in line camping out the night before like the rest of us?

The reason the news gave last night that only 33% of 16-year-olds were getting it?

The economy.

Of course.


  1. Yep, I got my license on my 16th birthday! What a great day... I was only allowed have one person in the car with me for at least a month until I proved myself, but that was fine with me! My sister, however, had to wait. I don't think my parents were ready to put her behind the wheel alone!

  2. I remember getting mine at 17, only i can't remember WHY now... there was a reason. My best friend didn't either. I think it had something to do w/ when we ended up taking some drivers ed class. it sucked though. we didn't like it!

  3. I did NOT get my license at 16, I didn't even get my permit until I was 16.5 or somewhere near then. I didn't have to drive, I have an older brother and he took me everywhere. We moved from a very small town when I was 15 and about to get my permit then we got to Birmingham and I realized just how scared I was to drive. I had never seen an interstate before unless we were going on a long family vacation, so Birmingham was certainly a scary place to drive for me. I did however get my license before I was 18 and I think that attributed to me not having the typically bad 16 year old car wreak and all. I am still a very safe driver and often get glared at for driving to slow. They are certainly going to hate me in Texas, they drive like maniacs.

  4. Cassie, I should have waited until I was 18... I had my 'typical 16-year-old car wreck' all of 4 days after my birthday. hydroplaned and had NO idea how to handle that.

  5. My dad made me wait a few months - mostly because I was a horrible driver! When I bought my first car though, I convinced him to let me at least try the test (since clearly, I wanted to be able to drive the car I had spent all my money on!) He agreed, but I don't think he ever thought I would pass that first round (and in truth, I barely passed!) After that, he was pretty much S.O.L. because I had the car and I had the license: There was no way I was not going to drive!


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