Friday, March 5, 2010

"Do I sound more sophisticated?"

Is what Ben said to me yesterday as he called me on his shiny new iphone. (No, that is not bitterness you are sensing.) I love apple. I love my mac. I love my ipod. I want an iphone.

However, we're on a budget. I don't have a steady job. I am interning. I am in school. I'm on an expensive eating plan. I have no iphone.

Remember Ben's enormous blessing of a promotion? (Still in awe of that one) God granted us another GIGANTIC blessing when his company also took over his cell phone line two weeks ago! Woo! (Saves us hopefully $30-$40/month!!!) Well his company's standard phone is a blackjack. But who wants a blackjack?!?!?! NOT BEN!

Ben kicks and screams begs and pleads and gives me his usual puppy dog eyes that win him buggies & lots of camping trips with the boys and an iphone was on its way... See we had to pay for the iphone, since he technically could have gotten a blackjack for free.

I have now not talked to my husband since the iphone fell into his precious little hand over 24 hours ago. Instead all I hear are gunshots & farts coming from his sweaty little palm.

Thanks iphone.

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  1. Don't hate me, OK? My job pays for my iphone, and it pretty much rocks my world! I could never afford it on my own, but I spend all day now playing words with friends (a scrabble app) and listening to pandora radio off of it. Some days I wonder how I ever survived without it.

    Make him share!


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