Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Funday

Today was a good day. I have been having some serious stress over internship issues, but have really been trying to completely hand everything over to God and stop stressing about it. In turn, today has been a great day minus the hour of sleep.

Ben's mother came to church with us this morning, our service was about Love. Loving one another, no matter what. We then taught Sunday school which didn't go as well as our service. (We are still waiting on a curriculum, so in the meantime, do you have any good middle school Sunday school related material?)

I also went to a bridal tea for my first college roommate, Kim, and it was SO much fun. It was such a surprise to see our other roommate, Jessica, there too because she lives in Nashville! I haven't seen Jessica in at least 5 years and it has been 3 years since I have seen Kim.

Clearly I need to get out more often.

Everything she got was from Pottery Barn! I think that is a huge benefit of getting married after a few others have done it. You get much better presents :) I feel bad for my friends who were the first to get married. None of us has any idea how to do things appropriately.
It did make me want to save up and buy everything in Pottery Barn though.

For instance.... All of this:

Or their amazing quilts:

I love this so much and it is on sale right now, but since "All sales are final" I'm a little scared to ever buy anything or ask for it for my birthday. What if its awful?


Anyways, time to play Keely's Getting to know you Sunday, because I love the first question so much.

1. What's your favorite Easter candy?

Hands down, Reese Pieces Eggs. If you have not had these, go buy them immediately.

They are amazing.

2. Who do you think is or women?

Women, of course.

3. Which do you prefer..wordy blog posts or ones with pictures?

I love pictures, but if it is a wordy blog I need it broken up into different sections, otherwise I have a hard time reading it.

4. Were you popular in highschool?

I was pretty involved so I think everyone knew who I was, but I was not in the 'popular' group. I was part of the normal people group.

5. What's your bra size?

Thankfully I am a C. I had a reduction a year ago. Best decision ever. If you are thinking about doing it, I highly recommend.

6. How many states have you lived in?

3: Florida, New Jersey & Alabama

7. What's one blog you read every day?

Single Infertile Female

8. Peanut butter or Nutella?

Peanut Butter. I've never had Nutella.

Also, the diet is starting to pick up. I came crashing off the wagon on Thursday because of my going away party and have struggled to climb back on since. Today has been better, but my skin is showing my lack of will power today. I still have no idea what exactly is causing it, but I think my skin was showing an ever-so-slight difference. At least enough to keep me eating like this for a while longer.

Happy Spring Break!


  1. I had a reduction a little over a year ago too and it is the best thing that I have ever done! So much happier and I just feel better!

  2. Girl, i LOVE me some Potterybarn! You know, i always said that if we got a Potterybarn in Baton Rouge before i got married then i would register there - i said that like 5 or 7 or 10 (i don't know - a long time!) years before i even met anyone. And what do you know, i was engaged in March 2008 & i think the Potterybarn here opened that May or something! I registered there! I was so happy! HAHA. And so i got a lot of Potterybarn dishes & our quilt is from there & a few other things - only gifts! I can't afford them myself! HAHA. (I also registered at Walmart & Bed Bath & Beyond - so it was a good variety for any wedding invitee, but the potterybarn gifts were my faves!!)

  3. One of my good friends had a reduction last year, she also said it was one of the best things she ever done. I'm thankful mine are sorta itty bitty!

    Have a great day!!


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