Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Do you watch LOST???

Are you obsessed???

I'm so glad that Claire is back (Have I ever told you my obsession of all things Australian?) However, she definitely could use a bath and maybe a dose of sanity. Just bring back Charlie and I'll be happy.

I'm so lost this season though.

What on earth is with the flashes to the non-island reality???

And tonight... it said we were supposed to have some questions answered? I received no answers. Just more confusion. With only 10 episodes left, I hope they don't just wait until the last one and be like, Okay... here is what's up.

Did you get any answers? If so, I'd love for you to share!


  1. No answers...just more confusion.

    I love the head spinning episodes though. It better be worth it in the end!

  2. I'm so obsessed with Lost! The alternate reality is pretty sci-fi...but still interesting, I guess. It means that Daniel Faraday was right, if nothing else. I don't think we got a lot of answers this time, but I do appreciate knowing the significance of the numbers now. I think we're seeing a war shaping up between good and evil, so right now they're just picking sides. Unfortunately, Sayid and Claire are with the Lockeness Monster...I could probably go on all day long, but I'll end it there! Happy Wednesday!

  3. I almost didn't open this b/c i was scared you'd give something away! HAHA. I love LOST but since i also love American Idol & since my husband who wants to watch LOST with me is never ready to watch it on tues night... i usually watch AI & then we catch LOST online together later.
    But yeah. I almost feel like i'm just watching this season to get answers. I still like it but not as obsessed as i used to be. And i have NO idea what's going on, mostly.

    I love Charlie & Claire too!!!


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