Monday, April 12, 2010

# 19 Be a redneck.

Remember my list?!

Well, I am FINALLY able to mark through another one on the list.

Saturday I went rock crawling with Ben!

I had to work most of the day at my dad's store, but drove up to where Ben and his buddies were spending the weekend for a few hours after work.

I took a few pictures to show you a serious redneck 'rock crawler'.

That is the mountain we are heading to.
It really just looks like a large hill from here, but it was pretty high once you were in it.
And no, in case you were wondering, we have no windshield.

Ben and his 'camping' look.

Ben's friend, who sold him this buggy last year, wrote a check out in my name for $10,000 today!!!! He had told Ben earlier that he had a plan to buy his rig back today. Apparently that was it, get the wife in on the sale and he wins. $10,000!!!!!
I told Ben we could buy TWO buggies with that!!! He said no.

The first trail we tried was a failure unfortunately, so we went back to the camp to get fuel...(Also, apparently its not rock crawling if you go up the path to the left, you have to go up that center mess.)

It could not have been a prettier day to be in the woods!
But then the buggy over heated...
(This was the reason he got it for such a steal to begin with apparently, but he thought he had it under control.)
So I did a lot of sitting....
And thinking about how many of the plants next to me were poison ivy.

But then we FINALLY caught up with the rest of the group.

And watched Nick break a lot of stuff on this trail, Los Primos I believe?
He was NOT a very happy camper.

Then Hogan showed Nick how it should have been done.

It was a lot of waiting and watching as the boys coach each other up the ledge.

But finally Ben tried and told me I couldn't ride with him because of the 'rollover factor.'

And it ended with Hogan having to winch Ben off the trail after he broke a few bolts on his drive shaft.
(Definitely could have been worse in regards to the cost to fix things.)
I do love to go with Ben, but I always end up busy those weekends, so even though it was a quick trip. It was still a blast. Now he just needs to buy an engine to be good for the next ride in May.... only $1,000. I'm pretty sure we're waiting on a miracle lottery win or a job before that one happens. :)

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  1. WoW!!!!!! You are a brave woman! I think I would be too much of a sissy to do that...go figure:)


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