Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello Late Twenties

Today was wonderful! If this is any indication of the next year, I'm thrilled.

Ben woke me up with homemade french toast cooking in the kitchen! (Awwww) We then went to see Rick & Bubba (local, nationally syndicated radio hosts) because they are close to my hair salon and have a studio that you can walk by on the side walk and see them. Even though I don't listen to them all the time, it was still fun. Ben loves them, so I loved that he was able to see them. Here we are in the parking lot:

Then I got a MUCH overdue hair cut! The male receptionist at the salon said that I needed to go ahead and schedule my next visit because this last time was just 'ridiculous'. Apparently 15 weeks is too long without a hair cut.

Ben and I ate lunch at a Dale's and then went to the amazing Edgar's Bakery for cupcakes. Yes, they were both mine, but I didn't eat both of them thank you very much!
Back at home, I was delivered a beautiful hanging basket from my mother-in-law: and Ben gave me a super cute stand-up mirror. (I have been needing & wanting this for years!) I still have my college $9.99 long mirror leaning against a wall in my bathroom, complete with band stickers and makeup smears.

We took our pups out on a walk and then went to dinner with some fabulous friends who surprised me with an amazing Edgar's cake (that I apparently can freeze and have cake for the next 6 months! Best idea yet Amber!)

Thank you for ALL the birthday wishes and everyone who made today WONDERFUL! It has seriously been the best birthday yet. I recommend everyone takes their birthday off!

I also get to celebrate my birthday this weekend with my wonderful nephew who shares my birthday with me. He is 8 today. :)


  1. Like your haircut! I always go way too long too - i'm in desperate need of one now!!

    That is the CUTEST cake!

    Glad you had a great bday! :)

  2. I'm to see that you had an amazing 27th birthday!


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