Monday, April 26, 2010

How'd we do?

Today is THE day! I am 27 in 3 hours. Somehow, 27 seems much older than 26. And being in my late twenties is not as sweet sounding as mid-twenties, but knowing that my 27th year holds so many amazing things, makes it okay. :) That list is to come.

So how'd I do....

1. Go on a cruise! (I've never been and I've been saving and saving my credit card rewards so Ben and I can go on one). I'll accept a honeymoon vacation with Ben also. Negative... Quitting my fulltime job to intern full time certainly put a hold on the savings account. I'm okay with it, this one will have to carry over.

2. Go to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Any other semi-close very touristy place I've never been. Ah, crap! I forgot this said, "that I've never been"! I was going to say I almost did this since I just got back from Destin and went to Gulf Shores last month... however, both I'd been to before... Okay... 0/27. Let's keep going.

3. Stop being such a Scrooge and spend some money on something fun (see above and below) :) I think I did this one pretty well! I bought a Christmas Tree, a new suit for all my upcoming interviews, some cute fun work clothes after I reached goal size, some fabulous black boots. Small things, but definitely fun things!

4. Blog at least once a week. Ding!

5. Pass the APTTP (December) PASSED!!!

6. Pass the School Counseling Praxis Exam (January) PASSED!!!!

7. Lose 10lbs... Well....I lost 7.... and then gained 3... then lost 2.... and gained 1.... and on and on. But ultimately, I lost 7lbs. :) However, I'm very shocked at how it has taken me longer than 6 months to lost 7 pounds!!! Apparently there isn't much will power since the elimination diets started. One thing at a time.

8. Get Ben and I's first Christmas tree! (Yes we've been married for almost 3 Christmases and never had a Christmas Tree - see #3). Check!

9. Join a bible study. We only have 2 classes left of our Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University bible study! This class has encouraged me to use cash for groceries and to put SOMETHING towards our debt each month even if its a very small amount. We have managed to pay down our 2nd mortgage by 10% since starting this bible study!! (It is our most problematic debt currently.) This is something I certainly would have not done otherwise and would have probably wasted the money. TAKE THIS CLASS!!

10. Start and Finish my wedding album (again... its been almost 3 years). Nope... sad day. Its just SO expensive... See # 3

11. Paint a room in my house! - My entire house right now is:

Bunny Grey... seriously, the whole house.
No painting going on over here...! It is such a daunting task. Would you like to volunteer to come over and motivate me?

12. Refinish this very old trunk... this is very much past my 'sand and paint' technique... not sure I know where to start.
Still in my mother's hands. I would love to see this refinished, but I just don't have the time or motivation. I hope my mom will refinish it and re-gift it back to me! Or maybe this summer... there should be a slight bit more free time this summer than this semester.

13. Exercise! I previously had this as go to the gym, but since the gym and my house are 35+ minutes away, its not likely that I get there any more often, so I must improvise!
I HAVE been walking! Atleast twice around our circle a day which is 1.80 miles. My goal is to up that to 4 laps: 3.6 miles.

14. (Your suggestion goes here).I have done several things here that were firsts: Many of them happened while in Dothan for the Peanut Festival. I also went to my very first Women's Retreat!

15. Go to the peanut festival (I was starting to get overwhelmed and this one is already set in stone). :) Check, this was in November.

16. Landscape!
Well... I haven't split my bulbs because they are BLOOMING! I have to wait until they are done blooming. But I did weed, trim, re-pot & plant my planters. Feeling pretty accomplished by that alone honestly!
17. Have a dinner party (or two).
We've only had one in 6 months! Sad... but that counts as a check.
18. Do something nice with our 'office/guest room'.
I vacuumed. Put things in file folders. The end. I was actually day dreaming today of how I could turn it into a nursey and still keep my guest room. Problem is that there is a VERY large gun safe in the office also. I don't know how well it would go over to have a gun safe right next to a crib... But I really don't like have a gun safe room!

19. Go rock crawling with Ben again... I really do love to go but never have the time to.
Just in the nick of time... 2 weeks ago.
20. Read some books! I have SO many books on my shelf unopened... Many of them are counseling-related books, but still I need to read something other than textbooks!
I read The Noticer - GREAT book, I think everyone should read it.

21. Find a job! This is a very bitter-sweet one because I have a wonderful job, but will soon be graduating and looking for a counseling position. This would be amazing if I knew where it would be by my birthday.
I was still holding out for this one allll the way until today, but its official. I do not have a job for the fall as of today. I do have my THIRD internship though and I'm very excited about it. I really do feel so much peace about having a job in the fall though. I know God has a place for me.

22. Go to Tallahassee.
This is my family hub. It's a central location between most of the cities we all live in and some of my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmother live there. I went in February! It was SUCH a fun time. This is Ivy trying to pretend she wasn't very pregnant. She was doing a terrible job! :)

23. Learn to drive the Ford F250.
Does it count if I learn to do this one tomorrow on my actual birthday?!

24. Apply for a scholarship.
I actually applied for TWO scholarships and didn't get either of them. I am glad I applied and at least tried, but gosh losing sucks.

25. Pass the NCE. (National Counselor Exam - this leads to me being able to pursue licensure after graduation)
Thank the Lord this one has come and gone! Yes, I passed!!!

26. Thank God every single day for the SO many blessings he's given me.
I am so very thankful!

27. Take off work on my birthday and celebrate because it will be my 27th birthday on the 27th!!!! I almost didn't do this one after all the planning 6 months out, but at the last minute decided I needed it off and am very excited for the day tomorrow! I can't wait to tell you all about it!

18/27: not too bad, this year I'll give myself the whole year instead of half a year.

Happy Birthday!!


  1. Happy Birthday lady! And welcome to your late 20's (I've got to say, I feel better now that you are here with me!)

    And be proud of those 7 pounds! I've lost and regained the same 4 like 12 times in the last 6 months! :)

  2. When I was praying this morning I thanked the Lord for my sweet cousin and also thought about all the FUN things that He is going to do for your 27th year!! Love, love, love you!!! By the way...I was trying not to throw up in that picture:)

  3. Happy Birthday!! I love the list, and I'm glad you got so many things done this year! :) I hope 27 is the best year yet!!!

  4. Happy Golden Birthday! And know that you only lost 7 pounds because that all you had to lose! You look great. Have fun!

  5. Love you mucho! Your list and pictures made me smile. I hope today is fabulous and you have so much fun with cupcakes, hair cuts, truck driving and Ben. :)


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