Monday, April 5, 2010

Professional Portraits

Ben and I signed up to have our professional pictures taken for our church directory this year (we tried to avoid it last time and were caught at the 4th of July party and had to be 'inserted' into the directory with a not so great this time around I just went the easy route).

Well, it started off by me missing our appointment. Should have been a sign.

It was at 6:30 and we left the house at 6:50 for bible study.


When I got there they said they'd get us when they had an open spot.

Fast forward to 9pm.

I'm glad they fit us in afterall, but with my lack of planning, we weren't dressed for pictures AT ALL.

The lady was asking Ben to put his right hand here and his left hand there, do the hokey pokey and.... not really.... but it was so awkward that all Ben could think about was how he did NOT want to end up HERE.

The result?

A whole lot of this....

They even tried to get us to buy them!

For a measly $32 PER PHOTO!!!!!!! WHA?!

I told them, "Sorry, I just got out of Dave Ramsey's class and he would NOT approve."

Someone PLEASE tell me next time it is time to cut my hair! Yikes!


  1. That one is hilarious! I LOVE IT! HAHAHA.

    You know, years ago those ppl came to do our church directory & it was SO AWKWARD then too. It was CRAZY. I bet it's the same company! LOL!

  2. i love that pic but i can see why 34 dollars is a bit much. is it better than the last picture that was inserted of the two of you last year?

  3. Is it wrong if I actually love that photo?!? You two look like you are just having the most ridiculous time!

  4. I might have purchased that photo. It's so cute. I think Dave would approve of a family memory. :)

    Also - your hair looks super cute. :)

  5. This makes me laugh! I can just hear Ben once he gets going. Ya'll are too cute! I dont know what made me laugh more...the picture or your comment about not buying the picture b/c of the Dave Ramsey are on the ball!


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