Friday, April 16, 2010

Chris the Soldier

Graduation was great! It was so good to see Chris. He's lost 30 pounds and looks great. Its amazing what quitting alcohol, cigarettes and caffiene can do for you. He really was proud of himself and seemed very happy. I think its the 1st time since his high school graduation that he felt accomplished. He talked non stop about the past 10 weeks and how trying and amazing it was all together. It was good to hear him talk about something he was proud of!

Our grandmother drove up from Florida!
Ava was happy to see Chris too.
Me and my two brothers.
He left for San Antonio, Texas, today to continue his training. He is becoming a combat medic in hopes of also becoming an airborne medic. San Antonio will last 16 weeks and then he gets 2 weeks leave, at which time he may get married. (Feel free to gasp.) He was not even dating anyone when he left for Georgia, but his on-again/off-again girlfriend and he reconnected over letters and are talking about getting married. This scares me because I fear that at one of the most trying times in his life he leaned on who he was comfortable with and everyone gets along over letters. I think they've forgotten why it was they were off-again. I really am just praying that whichever path he chooses will be God's path. That IF he gets married, it will be for the right reasons.

My prayers go with him to Texas that he keeps following who it is God wants him to be, but I am so proud of him for getting this far!


  1. Gasping for sure. That is SUCH a huge step. I am praying your same prayers right along with you lady...

  2. Great pics!

    And me & Brad reconnected thru letters after 11 years apart. And, there was NO BETTER WAY for us to reconnect... letters allow you talk about things that maybe you are afraid to talk about out loud. We talked thru letters freely & if it wasn't for those letters we would either be (a) not married today, or (b) not happily married today! LOL. God did a work thru those letters. But anyway, everyone's situation is different, so i'm not saying it necessarily means their letter-writing-reconnection is a good thing. LOL. Just that it COULD be. Will be praying for God's plan to take place in his life.

  3. Not to say that we only write letters now & don't talk - hahaha - we talk about EVERYTHING - it just was helpful to us in the beginning. LOL.


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