Thursday, April 22, 2010

7 cupcakes later....

What IS it about birthdays that make me want to eat?!

It doesn't even have to be MY birthday!!

Tonight I made gluten-free cupcakes for a classmate of mine who turned 27 yesterday and I seriously ate 2.5 and then some....

Remember 6 months ago that I was trying to lost 10lbs? 10lbs SHOULD be easy.... 10lbs is nothing! IF everyone would quit having birthdays! and holidays! and weekends!

I am trying to plan my birthday fun ahead of time so I don't just lose it and spend the next month trying to work off the 5lbs I can gain in 24 hours. I really hate it when that happens.

So instead of a cake, Ben and I are going to go to my favorite bakery and buy a cupcake.

Pretty good plan!

And I did FINALLY get my nerve up to take my birthday off. I almost didn't. I am trying to get as many direct hours as possible at my internship, but I need my birthday off for my sanity, and I decided I would probably regret it if I worked all day on my birthday.

Thanks to Cassie's fabulous idea, Ben is also taking off my birthday so we can enjoy the day together and celebrate!

Since the birthday week started yesterday, tomorrow I'm leaving for my Women's Retreat!!! What a wonderful pre-birthday weekend. I get to spend it with my aunt from Tallahassee and my cousin from Orlando. I can't wait to tell you guys all about it!


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  2. I certainly know how to treat ones self for a birthday! So glad that you are going to spend some time celebrating. Hope you and Ben have a great day together and that all your birthday wishes come true.


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