Sunday, April 4, 2010

Country Livin'

When Ben and I got engaged we (I) went house hunting. I found our perfect house, but couldn't get back to it. The roads were windy and most of them did not have street signs. God knew we should live there because when we asked a realtor to show us around, she brought us to the very house (frame) I picked out.

Our house is half-way between two cities: Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. Ben works in Tuscaloosa and at the time I was in Birmingham. 30 minute drive either way. I love where we live. It is just far enough from the city that taxes are lower, houses are a little cheaper and we're in the country. But, it is close enough that I can drive 15 minutes to the grocery store or 30 to a mall.

One fabulous thing about living in the middle of nowhere is there is no fast food! If you want to eat out, it has to be a trip. There isn't any running to the corner to pick up a sandwich or order a pizza.

In fact, if we want to order a pizza we have to meet Domino's at the nearest truck stop. Yep.

So we don't eat out often, Dave Ramsey would be happy.

However, we're getting big time!

We're getting a Loves Truck Stop. We probably don't NEED another truck stop, but they didn't really ask me one way or another, so up it goes.

Well... I was driving by the other day and saw this sign going up....


I would certainly prefer it to be a Chick-Fil-A and a Jimmy Johns if it HAS to be fast food, but I am not happy about fast food moving into our neighborhood one bit!

While I'm at it, I'll also enlighten you to some good and bad things about country livin':

We have 9 lakes! (This is one of the smallest ones, but it has a cute picnic area and fishing area for kids)No one tells you you cannot have roosters....... (No, this is not MY rooster)

....or move into your Home Depot shed if you please. (The real one in this story is not nearly this cute.)You can have whatever mailbox you desire. (Just in case you thought this was my latest purchase... again, not mine.)

You don't even have to clean the mold off of your house!

Or clean up your broke-down swimming pool.

(Ben would not let me take pictures of these... he was worried I'd get shot. Use your imagination!)

You can see the stars at night and hear the frogs & crickets when the sun goes down.

Its usually 5 -10 degrees cooler!

Ben can work as loud, as early or as late as he wants to on his buggy and no one gets upset.

So, as long as I don't develop a new love of McDonalds or Subway (doing great so far) then my country livin' shouldn't be interrupted too badly.


  1. I so wish that fish mailbox was yours!

  2. HAHA you are too funny! That sounds like the life! I love it! & yeah - i would LOVE to live where i'm not SURROUNDED by fast food! B/c i definitely am! Subway isn't so bad, but McDonald's?! Just stay away, or you'll be forever addicted! LOL!


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