Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill

I know every single one of you have heard about the oil leaking into the gulf, yes?

Well I have a girls vacation planned for July 8 to head down to Mobile & Gulf Shores. With things still leaking and pouring into the ocean, I have no idea what sort of state the coast will be in three weeks, but we are not canceling our trip... it's more about the company than the setting.

However, a very funny/quirky friend of mine that is organizing our beach getaway has just informed us all that she signed our group up to volunteer while we are down there.

As I was reading this, I pictured myself cleaning up tar balls on the beach thinking I was going to shove her into the oil-drenched ocean for signing me up for this and ruining my vacation, but when I got to the part that we'd be working with the animal rehabilitation efforts my heart softened a little. (Okay, a lot... you all know my love for all things mammal.)

I have absolutely no idea what to expect or who we are volunteering with yet, but apparently she had to go through an interview process and everything to be able to work with this group, so it sounds pretty legit.

None the less it sounds like a unique item to add to our vacation agenda. I'll keep you posted.


  1. i think i might cry through the entire process. i'm very anxious to see how this goes. i know you'll love be there to help, but i've almost cried looking at all the pictures, so i couldn't imagine seeing it in person.

    we went out of PCB this weekend and there was no sign of oil over there yet. but i hear the mobile area is a different story. please keep me updated!

  2. I can't wait to hear more about this lady! I imagine it will be so hard, but so rewarding too!


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