Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Old Wooden Rollercoaster

You know how the old-wooden roller coasters are the ones that everyone LOVES to ride at the park? Some places even advertise them as their best attraction. So you wait in the sweltering heat with lines of sticky kids who kick you in the chin while they swing on the bar separating you and 2000 other hot miserable people waiting for a 30-second thrill ride in a tiny cart with just a lap-belt holding you in. When you finally get to the front and the ride starts going, everything is so exciting as you climb that first steep hill and hear the click, click, click. Then as the ride lets loose and the cart starts soaring downward your head smashes into the side of the cart and you strain your neck so bad to hold your head in one place that your muscles ache and you forget about the ride because you are more worried about your brain bouncing around inside your skull. At the end, I think the pain in my neck and pounding in my head was not nearly worth the shot of adrenaline that came with the ride.

Welcome to this past week. It's been highs and lows of emotion and stress. One minute things are fabulous and the next they come crashing down. Literally. So, I've avoided writing anything until things have leveled itself out a bit. I think today is a good day to let you in though because they are looking up again!

First off, I think I told you I had 3 more interviews last week, yes?

Well, guess what....

I was offered a job!!!!

I was offered a job one day last week, and there are some stipulations to it that I will go into detail about after the job is officially mine, but one huge obstacle was paperwork from the university and my degree date. Apparently I graduate 2 days after school starts and the university would not BUDGE on any sort of letter or notice to inform this school system that I will in fact be graduating in August. This was the most frustrating part because for several days I was under the impression that I may not, in fact, be able to work at all until things are 'official' and 'official' can take weeks even MONTHS! The attitudes and rudeness I received from people was disheartening!

Anyways, several days of tears and frustration went by, but then Monday afternoon came, and I found out that the school system is more willing to work around the paperwork than the university is. Woo! I am still frustrated with the university that I have given A LOT of money and time to, and they were not even interested in coming up with a solution for one of their graduates to be employed.

So, we're back up on top today, that this is job offer is a possibility! It looks like everything will go through and I've been given a 'worst case scenario' that doesn't even sound that bad.

Thank the Lord! I know he has been the one to place this job in my lap and when it is official I will tell you all the wonderful details about it. I am very very excited and also very nervous. I don't want to mess anything (or anyone for that matter) up! Yikes!

Along the roller coaster we also bumped into some obstacles in the baby arena and I've struggled with the unconditional love that I am supposed to show some people in my life. However, I'm working through most of that with the Lord and pray he'll show me who it is he wants me to be and that HIS perfect plan and timing will take over my life!!


  1. I am SO excited for you and the job lady! So excited!! I'm anxious to hear what's going on in the baby arena too though... I'm pulling for you lady, and I know He will give you a sign soon...

  2. Congratulations! So happy for you!


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