Sunday, June 6, 2010

The perfect prescription

I have made it all the way through the weekend and I have to say this has probably been the best weekend of the year. After making some decisions about handling my life better, I am very relieved!

Yesterday B and I went to the pool (he left without me once, but after a few phone calls was back to pick me up, lucky duck). He collected rocks for our never-ending yard projects and I laid in a raft and restarted reading The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks that I have been trying to read for 11 months. I successfully made it the further than I had gotten all year yesterday!

We came home and intended on cooking on the grill and being lazy, but my neighbor stopped by and was driving to the movies to see Sex and the City 2 with some friends and invited me along. It was great to go see a movie although you can read my actual review of it here.

Today was church and Sunday School. I had a really great lesson planned for today and only one kid showed up so I had him join with the high school class and I took myself on over to Target while B was in his new Sunday School class (it's a men's group on the power of prayer I think). I met my mom for lunch and went to the movies again! Now I'm home thinking about going back to Target to buy a Food Saver. But I want your opinion first. Have any of you actually used one of these?

My need is for produce to last longer. In trying to lessen my stress, I think it would help if I could go to the store for lettuce, veggies and fruit less. Last week I didn't eat a salad ALL week because my lettuce went bad and I didn't want to make the trip all the way to the grocery store for just lettuce. The FoodSaver says it will help lettuce stay good for 2-3 weeks instead of 2-3 days. What do you think?

Anyways, this weekend has been great and I really feel ready for this week. Knowing that I have less on my plate this week along with still more job possibilities is good. Prayers for these jobs and interviews. I am very ready for God to reveal my place, but I'm still waiting.

In the meantime, this song has been playing a lot on my ipod lately and I thought I'd share:


  1. We have a food saver, but have never used it for produce. I never thought of that. We used it to store meat that we have bought in bulk. I would check e-bay or craiglists too, because people get on the food saver bandwagon as fast as they get off of it, so you might be able to find a slightly used one for cheaper. I have heard not to buy the off brand, that you must buy the food saver brand because it is the only one that works. The off brand bags work fine though. You can also throw the food saver bags in the wash and reuse them again and again.

  2. We use the Food Saver for meat all the time and LOVE it. I have a friend who uses the Food Saver for everything known to man (produce, the remote control for the stereo near their hot tub, etc etc) and she swears that there is nothing that the Food Saver can't keep fresh (and dry!)


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