Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moving right along & 3-year anniversary!

I had an 'interview' yesterday. It was more of a meet and greet in which a wonderful person at a board of education told me a lot about her and her school system and told me that she's on my side. She also told me who to call for a position that just opened (that I was planning on going by today). I'm very grateful to have her name and recommendation!

Today I am going to go to 3 other schools and have 1 more interview!

It's also Ben and I's 3rd anniversary!!!

We're going to go out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Village Tavern, because I happen to have a gift card and a free dessert there!

Ben also so wonderfully fulfilled one of the things on my list from last year (that rolled over to this year). He got me a leather bound wedding album!!! He was too cute about it. Since apparently these sort of things take many weeks, he had to wrap up someone else's album that looks like the one he got. HAH! I opened it and was like, that's not us... but the funny thing is that they did get married on the same day as us and he didn't even plan it. (Apparently they weren't 3 years behind on getting their album). But I love it and am so excited to see the finished product!

My gift to him was a leather wallet (he's obsessed with Fossil wallets and although he didn't NEED another one, he likes to have one waiting in reserve should his ever fall apart) and inside I put a check for VACATION! He loved it! And we are going to Chattanooga, TN this weekend! So I'd have to say I will conquer two more things on the list - Let go of some money once in awhile and go to a touristy place near us that I haven't been!

I'm very excited! I looked at their CVB website and there are so many things to do there, yet its only 3 hours from our house! Perfect. We'll be home in time to have dinner with my dad for Father's Day.


  1. Chattanooga is a really fun place to go! You're going to have a great time!


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