Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Certification? check!

I have (almost) conquered one more hurdle in the education world. I have assembled my lengthy and confusing packet for my certification. No one really even told me to get started on it either which is a little scary, but I sort of bumped into the information and started reading only to realize it was a lot of information that I had to do before the state would issue my Class A Professional Educators Certificate.

Our counseling program is newly CACREP accredited so I will actually be the first one to graduate in school counseling under these new guidelines. Which means, not too many people know the right way too go about getting my certification!

After many calls and faxes, I think I have it nearly 100% complete! I need a few more signatures that I will get Thursday on my trip to class and then I can send it to the state!

The ONE dilemma is that for my background check my first name and last name are flip flopped. Stupid. I know. I am sure that I did this last year or so and just never realized it until now... I'm wondering what sort of issues this will cause. If I call I'm sure they will tell me to redo it ($56), but if I don't will they just pull it up and let it slide?

Decisions, decisions....

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