Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm melting! Melting....!

It is a cool & crisp 98 degrees today in sunny Alabama. I'd guess it is a heat index of 143. Maybe a little higher. I have a lot to do today, but I don't want to do any of it because it is sweltering outside!!

In fact, I don't even want to do anything inside either! I went grocery shopping today and had 1 coupon. Yep, saved a whopping $.40 today on some yogurt. I just do not have the energy to cut coupons or plan out my grocery trips lately. Not to mention I am just not seeing the savings because I have been such a picky eater also.

I've gained 6lbs back. Nearly back to where I started 8 months ago. Its amazing to look back at weight loss and see the ups and downs every single month only to be exactly where I was when I started... again.

I know 100% that I eat when stressed and my brain can only handle 1 trying thing at a time. Not coupons, not cleaning, not eating right, just job searching. However, I'm turning over the not-so-new leaf again! For the 14th or so time!!

I am going to tackle more than just job searching, and I figure while I am not interviewing - I don't have a single one lined up this week - I should be able to devote all my attention to being healthy, cleaning my house and getting back to my budget!

I did happen to tackle yet another thing off my list (only 2 months late). #16 - Landscape. I have trimmed 5 of 7 shrubs (4 years passed due) and dug up 1/2 my irises to transplant them into the new bed that Ben built. I have 2 more shrubs and one large clump of irises to go, but did I mention it is HOTTTT out there?!

Currently our attic fan is out.... causing the air conditioner to blow warm 78 degree air. I know the power company says to keep your thermostat at 78 to save money, but has anyone actually tried living in 78 degrees?! Its impossible to sleep like that unless you have 5 fans blowing on you while you are naked.

The attic is so hot that when Ben hands me a tool from the attic (he is up there working on it as we speak) I can't touch the metal without burning my fingers! I guess I should be monitoring Ben's well being instead of blogging right now.

Happy Monday!


  1. I think you look fantastic in your pics from Gatlinburg, thats actually the first thing I thought when I saw them! If you gained 6 lbs, it must be phantom weight! I stress eat too, so I hear ya on that one though. On the couponing front, there really hasnt been any awesome deals lately, its a good time to break from it.

  2. Whenever I have a million things to do (or even just to think about) all my healthy eating decisions are out the window. I just don't have any brain power to not choose high calorie, salty, delicious food!

  3. LOL.. this post made me laugh! It's too hott to do anything!! You look GREAT!! The air wasn't working at the office yesterday and I about died. I went and sat in the back and forwarded the phones. It gave me the worst headache so I totally feel ya.. I don't live here though.


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