Sunday, June 6, 2010

Movie Review Sex and the City 2

No spoilers here because well.... nothing happened!

I love Sex and the City. LOVE IT! I even have movie 1 saved on my DVR in case of a sudden pity party.... it brings me up pretty quickly.

However, this one... very boring.

It was cute and the fashion was fun, but as for the story line, 3 hours of movie and I thought, well that was rather uneventful.

There were also several characters that we only saw for a scene or two that I would have loved to have seen more.

I would not see this movie again honestly and am glad that I didn't bring B to this one like I did the first one. I think he semi-enjoyed the first one, but this one, not a chance.

Bottom line: wait for netflix.


  1. Eric wouldn't even sit through the first one, I had to Netflix it. Glad to know that I am not missing anything!

  2. I had a friend say the exact same thing to me, and I was so sad! The first movie was so amazing and I really wanted this one to live up to that! :(


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