Saturday, June 5, 2010

iPhone Countdown

I have 'heard' that the new iphone 4.0 is expected to be released on Monday!!!

My countdown to getting one is getting wonderfully close! 11 days!

June 16, 2010! I have been waiting for this for well over 2 years. Ben says that I don't need to get a new one, that I could get a refurbished old one, but I quickly explained that I have waited so patiently for this that I am getting the most fabulous one they offer.

How excited are you?!

Can you blog from an iphone?


  1. I'm VERY excited b/c this means I will be able to communicate with you better! You can check emails and blog!

  2. My iPhone broke the other day and the screen is cracked. Coincidence? I think NOT! WOOHOO!!!

  3. You can totally blog from your iphone! I did it just last week!!

    I am so excited for you!


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