Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tercer Aniversario

Three years ago today I was standing next to my soon-to-be wonderful husband about to become a wife! Granted, it wasn't instant that we took on the 'great husband and wife' roles, but I am so glad to be here today. Three years just doesn't sound like its been that long in terms of marriage, but when I look back at my school career for the past 3 years it feels L.O.N.G.... Comparable to 10 years! I guess that is a good thing that the marriage part has flown by easily.

Ben and I just got back from a fabulous dinner at Village Tavern. The manager even gave us a discount on a few things! They are always so nice there! It was delicious and calorie overload, exactly what you are supposed to do on anniversaries right?! I did order a 'sliver' of iceberg for my meal to make up for the homemade potato chip appetizer and chocolate torte cake dessert.

Well, I was looking through our wedding pictures again for this wedding album that Ben is getting me and had to post some on here. They are just such great pictures! We had a wonderful photographer, Focus Photo Art. It was such a fun day and beautiful weather (if you ask anyone about my wedding though you'll usually hear something like, "I remember when you got married... man it was HOT that day...").

I just love weddings though! So much fun!

Now I am really looking forward to our trip to Chattanooga! If you have any suggestions of particular things we should do there please let me know!!


  1. Happy anniversary lady! You were such a beautiful bride!

  2. What a FUN day! I love the shot looking down there isle where you can see my poor husband on crutches:) He was so happy to be able to wear shorts that day!

  3. You need to go to the Aquarium and Rock City! They are both very touristy...but Chattanooga staples!


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