Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am pretty much the best cake decorator EVER.

Seriously... be prepared to be jealous!

Ben has been BEGGING me to make something, anything sweet! I have told him numerous times that 1.) we are not eating sweet things and 2.) he can certainly make anything he'd like & I'll tell him how. Well neither of those two things went over too well after dinner tonight, so I gave in thinking: I need to practice on my 'cookie-press' again after last time's disaster and that no biggie, I'd make him cookies and I've been super strong for 3 + weeks with no sugar and would have no problem turning down these cookies.

So off I went. Cake cookie recipe... check!

Icing... check!

Half of it green for no reason other than green is more fun than white....check!

Fill up my 'cookie press' ready to decorate these cookies with my awesome talent.... check!



Oh... hey Ben.... so these aren't turning out quite like I expected.....


notice the heart in the middle.... natural talent right there....

and THAT.... is a snail.....

*I also ate three.... maybe four.... cookies.... NOW I remember why I wasn't making sweet things. Shoot!


  1. Funny! Mine are always SO much more beautiful in my mind than they are on the cookie sheet!

  2. LOL! It's the same with sweets around here, unless I make something I don't like.

  3. I made a cake last year and decorated it "fancy" it turned out just as awesome as your cookies!

  4. Wow...your cookie decorating skillz are 'bout as sweet as my cake decorating skillz! Bet they tasted good tho'!

  5. I have come to the conclusion that nothing I make will ever be pretty, but it will taste fantastic!

    Your heart is pretty classic! :)

  6. I bet they still tasted yummy!!

  7. love the snail. you are so inventive. thanks for the smile.


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