Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 1 - Internship

Today went well thanks to a TON of prayers. I have a great counselor as my supervisor and the school is run very smoothly. I still haven't met for class due to our 'winter storm' we had last Thursday, so I don't even know what is expected of me as a 2nd semester intern yet. I've been told it is not as extensive as last semester (weekly tapes, weekly supervision sessions along with weekly class, etc.). So we'll see.

The school is 11 miles from my house!!! All I can say is amazing. I've been driving 35+ miles one way to work for a few years, so 11 miles is wonderful!!!

Also, this semester is elementary kids and oh my goodness... they are so small! Last semester was middle school and some of the kindergartners look like they need to go back to preschool.... itty... bitty.

I'm excited though and even more excited for this to be under my belt and have a real paid job one day :)

Happy Monday!


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