Wednesday, January 13, 2010

School - A confession

Remember the other day when I was tired of school?

Well, I had my first class of the semester tonight and I do for a fact, love school. I love class at least. I love learning new things and new people's perspectives. I love the camaraderie of classmates all learning such a specific skill set and going through the same things at relatively the same time. Even though we all are bringing in unique circumstances, we all are experiencing the same professors, exams, internship requirements, not-being-able-to-work-full-time-for-money requirements, etc. I really really enjoy this.

What is tiring is that class meets 5:30-8pm after I've already worked 8-5pm, or sometimes like Thursday, it meets 6:30-8pm after I worked from 8-5 and I can't go home between 5-6:30 because I live 45 minutes away from school. That part is hard. It is also expensive. I go to a state university which is fairly cheap compared to some (most) and it is $800+ per class per semester. So $1600... to intern for free...

But still with all those things, and all the work, I still enjoy it and will miss the class, camaraderie and learning, when I leave there in August.

The other day while making Ben participate in my monthly planning meeting (I'm a planner... I plan WAY in advance... you should see my calendar... and budget!) I was telling him all the possible ways I could complete my licensure after graduation and one of the ways involved going back to school (or never really leaving). This turned him into crazy-Ben, where he gets kinda defensive and freaks a little and doesn't make much sense except to say, "No you can't do that." Hah! I totally get his thinking, "Why on earth would I want to go back/keep going?! Why would I not relish (?) in my free afternoons and use my precious $1600 each semester to spend on Buggy-related things?!" But tonight I realized why... I really do secretly love school.

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  1. I miss school. I loved how everyone got to have an oppinion, and every oppinion was right in it's own way. I loved the constant learning, and the always feeling challenged. I loved being able to go to my instructors with questions, and walking away actually feeling more... enlightened. Sigh. I really loved school! If I could have figured out how to be a professional student (instead of just a professional) I would have!


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