Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update to 'The List'

When my 26.5 month birthday hit I freaked out a bit.... and still am. So I made this list thinking that if I made it, I'd actually do the things on it. So, lets have a bit of an update now that I am now at my 26.75 birthday and see where we (yes, WE) stand... this should be fun...

1. Go on a cruise! (I've never been and I've been saving and saving my credit card rewards so Ben and I can go on one). I'll accept a honeymoon vacation with Ben also. Umm.... not so much. I was planning one for the week of March 13, but then my cruise-partner1 dropped out (it makes myself feel better if I blame it on her), but really in the reality of it, see # 3 below. I am having the hardest time letting the money go. I know that I have specifically saved up for THIS cruise. I have cashed in my credit card points for this and saved enough... but I am getting paid for working only 2 days a week. There is no more money going into this savings account and only money coming out. So what happens if I need this money for something really important and I went and spent it on a cruise? So... I failed... no cruise by 27. Its not out of possibility though for the year, I'm recruiting a new cruise-partner2 and thinking maybe it will be a graduation-cruise. Do you want to come too???! How does the Mexico-area sound to you?

2. Go to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Any other semi-close very touristy place I've never been. Again... not yet.... Any suggestions?

3. Stop being such a Scrooge and spend some money on something fun (see above and below) :) Well I did buy a Christmas tree! That was fun :) And I let Ben buy some buggy-parts, (not so fun for me, but fun for him). I guess its baby steps... I think I'm still a Scrooge.

4. Blog at least once a week. Finally!!! I win!!! I have succeeded at this. In fact, I've blogged 37 times in January and its only the 27th! Maybe I should work on blogging about more personal stuff instead of just LOST and As Seen on Tv Crap. :)

5. Pass the APTTP (December) Thanks for the reminder... Scores are not available yet.

6. Pass the School Counseling Praxis Exam (January) Same.... scores not available.

7. Lose 10lbs... See here... I'm working on it! 5lbs to go.

8. Get Ben and I's first Christmas tree! (Yes we've been married for almost 3 Christmases and never had a Christmas Tree - see #3). Check!

9. Join a bible study. Its official - we have joined Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University bible study at our church. I am hoping this will get Ben and I on the same page with money (I am the gate-keeper and he is the one who asks why we can't afford something). I am really excited and encourage ALL of you to take this with me. Ours starts next Wednesday. Go here to locate a class in your neighborhood and then we can talk about it!

10. Start and Finish my wedding album (again... its been almost 3 years). I don't really see this happening. I did attempt to make one from my iPhoto, but then realized the quality I am looking for just wouldn't be there, so I'm back at square one and would have to conquer #3 and spend quite a bit for a nice one.

11. Paint a room in my house! - I've been wanting to paint my house for over 3 years and can't ever bring myself to pick a color and commit. Well Jeris picked out some wonderful colors and went to Benjamin Moore in Greystone to find them, so I'm either going to just copy hers :) Or go there and ask for help of my own. :) My entire house right now is:

Bunny Grey... seriously, the whole house.
Well..... I did get a paint sample. It is for this color:
Gull Wing Gray... hah! seriously... can you just envision my knack for colors here? In my defense, it is much darker and its sorta tan, more so than my bunny gray above. Bunny gray is almost a bluish/gray... so I'm working on getting more towards the tan/gray. :)

**I forgot to mention that my parents also own a paint store!!!! That might make this problem even worse...

12. Refinish this very old trunk... this is very much past my 'sand and paint' technique... not sure I know where to start.I handed this one off to my mother. I'm starting to feel like a failure on my list, I guess I forgot what was on my list besides losing 10lbs and blogging! My mother volunteered to refinish this for me since I could not scrape together a whole weekend to spend on it. However, I don't think she has done it yet either.

13. Exercise! I previously had this as go to the gym, but since the gym and my house are 35+ minutes away, its not likely that I get there any more often, so I must improvise!
Went on my first exercise walk of 2010 this week. It was 70 degrees outside so things are looking up for this goal.

14. (Your suggestion goes here).
I have done several things here that were firsts: Many of them happened while in Dothan for the Peanut Festival. I can't think of too many other things. I need to do a better job of keeping track.

15. Go to the peanut festival (I was starting to get overwhelmed and this one is already set in stone). :) Check, this was in November.

16. Landscape! This really involves splitting all my bulbs in my flower beds... its time.
It has been SO cold! I like this goal though, I will do this one.

17. Have a dinner party (or two).
I had one! Now working on #2.

18. Do something nice with our 'office/guest room'.
Does cleaning it count? Well... I haven't really done that either, but I DID buy printer paper!

19. Go rock crawling with Ben again... I really do love to go but never have the time to.
This one got Ben and I into quite a discussion last night. I told him this was on my list and his exact response was, "Well I need a shifter to be able to ride and that costs about $180." So basically it was me holding things up because of my iron fists on our finances. So I'm not holding my breath on this one, but I HOPE its done soon....

Here's the thing about buggies/rock-crawlers.... the vehicle is literally never finished. Ever. If it is, its not good enough, it could be stronger, bigger, better. If it is, you finally go crawling and you break a drive shaft or slice your tire and then you are back to not being finished. I do love this hobby and think its great that Ben has a hobby (or 472 hobbies), but just wanted to let you in on the reality of it all.

20. Read some books! I have SO many books on my shelf unopened... Many of them are counseling-related books, but still I need to read something other than textbooks!
I read The Noticer - GREAT book, I think everyone should read it.
I'm in the process of reading, Reviving Ophelia and Understanding Poverty. I also am looking forward to reading The 5 Love Languages of Children (I think all the 'Love Language' are probably pretty beneficial though.) Yes most of those are to benefit counseling.

21. Find a job! This is a very bitter-sweet one because I have a wonderful job, but will soon be graduating and looking for a counseling position. This would be amazing if I knew where it would be by my birthday.
Nope... but I did find an internship! Woot!

22. Go to Tallahassee.
I forgot this was on the list! I went last weekend and will probably go again before my birthday in April.

23. Learn to drive the Ford F250.
....Cringe.... Nope.... I really really really want to though.

24. Apply for a scholarship.
Yes! I applied for one so far. It was a diversity scholarship (I know, what was I thinking) it was to encourage males and people of color to enter into the counseling field. I was told that I'd hear back by mid-January if I got it. Mid-January has come and gone...**Just got an email... although I am an excellent candidate and will make a marvelous counselor, I was not selected for this scholarship.... I'll just go ahead and put all blame on the fact that I am neither male or racially diverse... makes myself feel better anyways.

25. Pass the NCE. (I know, I took this already I know, but I don't know if I've passed or not, so its definitely something fun to add to my list and if I don't pass, then I will before I turn 27!)
Woohoo! Yet another one down... what is that, 4 out of 27?!

26. Thank God every single day for the SO many blessings he's given me.
Hah, I'm a cheater...
I'm working on this one too because I am so VERY thankful.

27. Take off work on my birthday and celebrate because it will be my 27th birthday on the 27th!!!!


  1. What a great list. You have done so well. I really like #26. I've got to get better at that one.

  2. I really liked reading your list! You REALLY have to go to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg at least once! I go all the's like my home away from home!

  3. OH I love the old trunk! Great list. :-)

  4. Wait a minute... We have to acknowledge quarter birthdays now too? Bogus.

    Also, when is your b-day? Because, in doing the math I'm 26.75 too (WHY do I have to think of the .75?)... Dreading 27 in April.


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