Saturday, January 30, 2010

The moment you missed...

If you read my 5QF and watched my reception video, I wanted to show you one minor detail my thoughtful videographer left out:

Yes... right after Ben chivalrously carried me to the limo through a sea of bubbles and family and friends cheering and applauding.... he smashed my head right into the door frame of the limo. Cute, huh?

So to make up for THAT face I'm making above... here are a few better ones:


  1. That is HILARIOUS!!!! I'm cracking up & i showed my husband & he is too! LOL. Sorry bout your head though!

    The other pics are GORGEOUS! I absolutely love your dress!

  2. Your dress is AMAZING!!!! You are so beautiful!

  3. I LOVE your bouquet! I am such a sucker for lillies!

    Still pretty sure your head smashing face may be my favorite!

    And P.S. your dress is pretty fantastic!


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