Sunday, January 10, 2010

Interesting night

If you don't know already I love all things mammal. Seriously, cats, dogs, birds, squirells, giraffes, you name it, I want to love it.

So anyways, there was this boxer that Ben said we'd care for after a neighbor found him a few months ago. You can read about that post here. I posted signs all over our neighborhood and found his family! Woo! Happy ending right? So you thought...

Tonight while wearing a robe, the door bell rang. (Always good timing). I warned Ben that if it was a solicitor and he said, 'Let me get my wife' I'd punch him. He answered the door. It was one of the owners of the dog. She was HYS-TER-ICAL. She said her boyfriend had hit her, kicked her out, and told her if the dog didn't leave with her, he'd untie it and let him go. She didn't know what else to do with the dog, she had no job, no where to live, nothing. At this point I am listening from around the corner and Ben is stuttering a little, but probably thinking, 'Uh.... hmm....this is strange'. So I poked my head out and said, 'Sure, we'll take him.'

I opened the garage and she brought in his bed with tears flowing down her face, she hugged him 10 times and told me how sorry she was for burdening us. I assured her she wasn't and asked if she had anywhere else to go. She said she was going to a friends (I don't even think she had a car) and I gave her my telephone number in case she needed anything and she left... still hysterical.

So wow... what a way to put life into perspective.


  1. What and adorable pup! Looks like a sweetie!

  2. That is the sweetest dog. & you were so kind to that lady, too.

  3. amen. life has many twists and turns and we just hang on for the ride.

  4. I'm just like you! I love ALL mammals, like seriously, I could just go up and love on your sweet dog right now. I'm so glad that the lady actually brought him to you instead of leaving him on the street somewhere.


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